HCI-Wind Damage--Dallas, TX--April, 2017

Location: Haag Education's Parish Auditorium
4949 West Royal Lane
Irving , TX 75063

Haag Certified Inspector – Wind Damage - Program information

Course Dates:  
April 10-12, 2017– HCI-Wind Damage

The HCI program is intended for industry professionals wishing to improve their damage assessment understanding and techniques. HCI-W attendees must verify that they have minimum experience of 100 wind damage inspections within the past 10 years, as the primary inspector assessing damage, or hold HCI-R or HCI-C certifications. Random industry experience and reference verification may be conducted to verify an attendees experience.

Haag Certified Inspector – Wind Damage description

The Haag Certified Inspector-Wind Damage (HCI-W) program will provide you with the perspective and best practices you need to inspect an entire building system for damage after a wind event.  You will gain an in-depth understanding of numerous types of building systems in order to understand how each is affected by wind, including roofing, siding, exterior envelope systems, supporting  structures, and foundations.  The course also covers an in-depth study of how wind forms and the characteristics of different types of wind events, providing a detailed explanation of their varying effects.  You will learn how to distinguish conditions caused by wind from conditions caused by other factors (including wave action, foundation settlement, and/or mechanical contact).  HCI-W includes tips regarding how to perform an inspection following a wind event, as well as how to support and document your conclusions.

What is Haag Certification?

Haag Engineering and Haag Education certifies that those attendees who have completed the class have verified required work experience, and have completed the entire twenty hours of classroom instruction.  All Haag Certified Inspectors have also passed the corresponding HCI examination to Haag's minimum required standards.  

Haag reserves the right to revoke certifications of any Haag Certified Inspector at any time, for any reason.