Policies & Inspector Complaints

Haag Certified inspector Policies

By registering for a Haag Certified Inspector course, attendees agree to the policies governing the HCI program, as outlined in our 'Policies Governing the Haag Certified Inspector Programs' document. 

Please read and/or download this document as a PDF by clicking here. This document includes:
  • What is HCI?
  • Who is eligible
  • Revocation
  • Registration fees
  • Discounts
  • Attendance
  • Rescheduling a class
  • Substitutions
  • Cancellations
  • Forfeiture of fees
  • Course materials
  • Replacement fee
  • Examinations
  • "Active" status
  • Terms and conditions
  • HCI designation - name and logo use guidelines
  • Liability and complaints

    Inspector Complaints

    The Haag Certified Inspector program is intended to share the research-based principles and practices developed by Haag engineers to identify damage with our students. Haag understands that differences of opinion regarding cause and extent of damage will occur, however. Complaints against HCIs are treated as serious and confidential matters. Please see "Liability and Complaints" section of the HCI Policies for more information. 

    If you have a complaint against a Haag Certified Inspector, please email Haag Education with details, links, or supporting documentation, if needed.  You may be contacted by Haag Education if we need additional information. Please understand that decisions or actions taken by Haag are strictly confidential, and between the Haag and the subject of the complaint.