Certification Renewal

Haag Certification is an individual credential only, designed to help your strengthen your own assessment skills and to promote yourself. To protect the ongoing value of each individual’s HCI Certification, Haag Certifications are good for one year. Qualifying students are considered "active" during each annual period.  The purpose of the active/requalification process is to document that an Inspector continues to maintain qualifications, represent himself or herself in the proper manner, and continues an acceptable practice.

  • HCI Certification expires on the final day of the month, one year after the completion date of your initial HCI examination. For each course, annual requalification is achieved by passing an online quiz located after Inspector login. Your first annual requalification is $99; all other course requalifications during the same calendar year are $49.

  • In addition to annual requalification, the full HCI classroom course (or the full online version of the HCI course, if available) must be successfully passed every 5 years in order to maintain your active Haag Certification.

  • Please note:  there is NO penalty if you do not requalify annually or every 5 years.  If you choose not to requalify, your listing at HaagCertifiedInspector.com will simply show this notice:  "This inspector's certifications are expired."  During any period past your annual renewal date and before you requalify, you will be considered "inactive" and will no longer have access to the rights and privileges granted to active HCIs (including the use of the designated HCI logo in your marketing, use of VIP and Haag HCI-only discounts, etc...)  These rights are immediately renewed to you upon the successful completion of your annual or respective 5-year requalification.

Due for your ANNUAL requalification?

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Due for your Residental Roofs 5-YEAR re-Certification?

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Due for your Commercial Roofs 5-Year re-Certification?

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HCI-Residential 5-Year Renewal 


To re-Certify at the 5-year mark, you may choose to register for any Residential Roofs classroom course. Alternatively, Haag Education offers an Online Option for the 5-Year re-Certification of the Haag Certified Inspector-Residential Roofs course for $499.  This Online Option is offered only to Certified Inspectors who completed the Haag Certified-Residential Roofs Classroom course and are eligible for their 5-Year re-Certification. It includes 8 hours of recorded sections with short section quizzes and a final 50-question exam.  You will have a week to complete your 5-year online course upon course sign-up.


  • You can log in to Haag on Demand with your existing HCI username and password or you may sign up for a new account if you are are not an existing HCI inspector.  
  • See the chart below for available continuing education credits for the online renewal course.
Organization   Insurance ADJUSTER CE Credit (8 hrs) Insurance AGENT CE Credit (8 hrs) Professional Engineer CE Credit (8 hrs)
US States FL, GA, KY, LA, MN, MS, MT, NC‡, NH, OK, TX, UT, WY FL
Canadian Provinces* MB, SK

‡ Resident Licenses only

* Upon your successful completion of each online course with a Canadian approval, please email our CE Coordinator, at CE@HaagGlobal.com to provide your name and license number (if applicable).  After confirming your successful completion of the course,  we will mail you a copy of your certificate of completion to submit to the appropriate council for credit.


HCI-Commercial 5-YEAR RENEWAL 



The Haag Certified Inspector-Commercial Roofs 5-Year Renewal Course (On-Line Option) satisfies Haag Education requirements for maintaining your HCI-Commercial Roof Certification in 5-year increments. Haag Certified Inspectors may choose to either attend an HCI-C classroom course (see here for classroom registration) or to complete this on-line course for their 5-year renewal (keeping in mind to also maintain active Certification annually by passing the review quiz on-line, see the top of this page for details).

The online 5-year renewal course requites approximately 8 hours to complete and is composed of 22 modules, each created and taught by Haag’s expert engineers and focusing on the most important aspects of the Haag Certified Inspector-Commercial Roofs program. The course begins with a review of hail and wind characteristics, along with an overview of the basic components of low-slope roofing systems. This is followed by a detailed analysis of manufacturing and installation issues, weathering and other anomalies, and the characteristics of hail and wind damage for each of the following types of roofs:  Built-Up, Mod-Bit, Single-Ply, SPF, and Metal. The final sections detail inspection procedure, as well as repair vs. replacement calculations using real-world case studies. Each section is followed by a 5-question quiz, which students must pass along with a 50-question final exam to re-qualify for Certification. This course is only available to students who have completed the HCI-Commercial Roofs classroom program.


  • You can log in to Haag on Demand with your existing HCI username and password or you may sign up for a new account if you are are not an existing HCI inspector.
  • Please note that Continuing Education credits are not yet available for this class and retroactive credit is not available.