About Us

Haag’s Education Department draws on the expertise of Haag engineers to create our certification programs, training seminars, and reference books & tools. The Haag Certified Inspector (HCI) Commercial and Residential courses are Haag’s premier comprehensive training programs. These intensive 3-day Certification Programs combine damage assessment training with testing. Haag Certification is designed for intermediate level professionals, and attendees must meet experience requirements. The Haag Certified Inspector programs teach students to assess damage to all major types of residential (steep-slope) or commercial (low-slope) roofs. For each roofing type, we profile manufacture, installation, weathering, hail and wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage and repair costs. We also discuss inspection safety, roof area calculations, and applicable codes.


Haag’s reference books and tools are created by our expert engineers and serve as handy resources in the field. Our line of reference books includes the Composition, Tile, and Wood Field Guides, and our new Built-Up Roofing Field Guide. Haag’s tools include our popular Shingle Gauge, which estimates a shingle’s warranty, and the Pitch Gauge and Inclinometer, which estimate a roof’s pitch from the ground.


The latest additions to Haag’s library of more than 30 seminars are the California Earthquake Adjuster Certification Course, Oilwell Drilling Accidents, and Sinkhole Evaluations. Haag’s line of seminars includes almost all roofing types, foundations, siding, framing, electrical issues, lightning damage, fire origin and cause, earthquake damage, and many more.